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The Doctor

Dr. Kelsie Rasor Huddleston , D.C.

Dr. Kelsie is committed to helping families in the community experience improved health and vitality. Her mission is to educate others on the importance of chiropractic care throughout all stages of life as a preventative medicine rather than strictly for pain relief.
Dr. Kelsie is originally from the Peace Valley, Mo. area and attended Junction Hill School through 8th grade. She graduated as a Zizzer from West Plains High school in 2008, and attended MSU-West Plains to earn her Associate’s Degree. Dr. Kelsie then moved to the St. Louis area to attend Logan College of Chiropractic. There, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology, certification in Acupuncture, and ultimately her Doctorate in Chiropractic (DC).
The techniques Dr. Kelsie utilizes include: Diversified, Thompson, Activator, SOT, Cox-Flexion/Distraction, and FAKTR. The office also offers some forms of therapy and rehabilitation. Dr. Kelsie is a Board Certified Acupuncturist as well. When away from the office she enjoys spending time with her husband Justin, and her family, cooking, baking, traveling, enjoying the outdoors and life on the farm. Her love of chiropractic and concern for others drives her pursuit of excellence in her work as well as her service to the community.
Chiropractic Education:
In order to receive the Doctorate of Chiropractic (DC), the candidates must complete four academic years of doctorate-level education. For the first two years, this education largely mirrors medical school, with classes covering anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, pathology, radiology and diagnosis. The chiropractic education diverges from the medical education as they study adjusting techniques rather than pharmacology and surgery. Chiropractors must complete an internship and must also pass National Board Examinations prior to being licensed by the state. Doctors of Chiropractic are licensed to practice in all 50 states and make up the third-largest licensed health care provider group in the United States.

Photography by Alaina Tompson Photography